Thursday, December 14, 2017

A'ron Easton - Drunk texting

A'ron has been carefully but def. sprinkling his vibes this year. This one about 6 months ago and finally seeing the light of day. With the video coming sooner than later we hope that A'ron breaks through this year with his undeniable sound and talents to reach the next level. For now....Pick up the phone and follow the singer/songwriter.

Don Chambers - Smoke

Don Chambers is about to light up. You sure you wanna join? Its lit!

Tully C - #3FORFREE 6

Tully KAWS & GMB returns with the 6th release of their #3FORFREE series. This one has been one of our favorites. And it shows how dynamic these guys could be.

Mick Jenkins - Vampire in Brooklyn

Mick lands in brooklyn and is smelling blood. In bed with the snakes and hes comfortable as ever.

Jarrett Michael - Stratton Ft. Mickey Factz

Jarrett is fresh of his latest project and not slowing down. Stratton sees him connecting once again with Chicago's Mickey Factz one of his closest peers and mentors. The record demands respect for his grand and assertiveness to the people who previously doubted him.

Drayco McCoy - Trap Neva Closed Dir. by Lonewolf

Lonewolf's name didnt hold up for long. Now a days the Indiana director is high acclaimed and in demand much farther than state lines. now with Drayco McCoy's buzz starting to leak through the midwest & beyond it was only right the 2 locked in a visual to really bring rto life Drayco's "Larger Than Life" persona. Seems like The 8 Ton Gorilla isnt turning down anytime soon.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A'ron Easton - Drunk Texting

A'ron has been holding this one in the vault for some time now. With the records out now the visual is surely coming.