Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Xavier - Ex Pill

Xavier was suppossed to quit smoking last week. Unfortunately his plans have had a few set backs. You guys understand im sure. Too real. 

Grxzz x Nathan Arizona - No Chains Prod. by melo

GrxZZ lays back to get his message across on the icey new vibe of "No Chains". Nathan Arizona cracks open a Snapple and hands picks his IG models as he makes his way up the ladder. #NOChainsTho

Scotty Apex - LUVSICK Prod. by Eestbound

Soctty Apex links up with Eestbound for maybe one of our favorite records from Scotty so far. This one has a really nice vibe to it and sees Apex really finding a balance on his voice to give this a special vibe.  Visual please.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Around the Industry : Chance the Rappers Manager "Pat Corcoran" Interview

From avid Chicago Hip-Hop Blogger to managing one of todays top tier talents in teh worlds #1 genre of Music Pat Corcoran talks about his road to  the top of Hip-Hop's most elusive act; Chance the rapper.


H.Y.M. - Runnin

HYM takes us into the mind of his creative where he's fed grapes as he flexes on his verses to set the record straight.


Torin Messer - WOAH Directed by Huff Visuals

Torin Messer is at it this week with another drop. This one a visual by Huff Visuals. Tune in.


XP - Broke Boy Ft. Yung Scoop Guala Directed by Karltin Bankz

For XP's 1st music video he recruits Yung Scoop Guala on Broke Boy to call out any fake flexers. Stack up youngin!