Friday, August 29, 2014

INSIDE: Revel Nightclub & Bar

As the city expands and becomes bigger well so will the nightlife and the crowd that steps out. With these changes in any city comes a necessity to a higher scale of destination, a destination that takles you somewhere else. Enter Revel Nightclub…located where many of you are familiar with Sensu ; Revel is a plush Miami-esque designed club designated to bring the wild out of anybody ready to let loose.

In a city with no major nightclub scene Revel stands alone in atmosphere, presentation and most of all….employees. At this spot buying a bottle is secondary to the ladies that actually bring the bottle to you.

if you haven't had a chance stop and check out why Friday & Saturday Revel is a can't miss location for your friends to get away from Indianapolis…without ever having to leave.



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