Thursday, November 20, 2014

Alex WIley - Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again)

Alex Wiley is apparently on a roll with his releases as he throws out this new joint "Booty Club". Check out what he had to say to Noisey about the inspiration behind it. 

Noisey: Tell me about this song, “Booty Club.”
Alex Wiley: It’s a song that I made in a hotel room. I had this bodyguard on the East Coast tour, and he used to come in the hotel rooms like late as shit at night, like on some 4 AM shit, and we’d just be like ‘where were you?’ And he’s like ‘man, I was just in the booty club’ and shit. And one random night he comes in at like 5 AM, waking everybody up, and we’re like ‘where were you?’ and he’s like ‘the booty club, going dumb again’ and it was like the funniest shit I had heard in that moment, the booty club going dumb.

Read the full interview HERE.

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