Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Naptown Connection Volume 1 (Various Artists)

Through out the past year we have tried our best to cover what we felt (and as far as we knew) the best and most promising artists in the city. Some more prominent than others but nonetheless all talented, hard working ...and for the most part. COMMITTED.  This project has been in the talk for some time and we have kept a solid listing of records that stood out to us as different, original, dynamic & overall progressive in sound, content & "Vibe". Whatever the hell that is some of what we have kept on our local playlist & some names that we feel you should def. get familiar with ....not because of any other reason than...They represent your city. And even if they don't and you live outside of the 317...wouldnt it be cool to know you can haver a mixtape series that actually represents all sides, sounds, styles & cliques without bias in ANY city? 

We'd love that. So we created it. 

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