Monday, July 31, 2017

Album Review : Dose Dose - BIRTH

Dose hasn't been doing this very long. A little over a year, more or less. Nonetheless, he's seen some great strides with the help of some extremely talented individuals in Bangersbyone , Mula kkhan & Swan Laak just to name a few that have not only are a part of Dose Dose' s 1st project but also seem to have taken the young prodigy under their wing to help him speed up his development. SALUTE! A lot of OG's have yet to do such a thing for anyone in the massive pool of talent we have in our city right now. 



Album Review: Dose Dose - BIRTH

On Birth Dose seems to start from the bottom. Stressing over lifes many ups & downs he plays with the balance of melody and cadence to really paint a picture so vivid a blind man could see. Visualized by Stand out video crew All Gravy the visual really puts his internal struggle in focus.

Stress tends to put you in defense mode. No surprise Dose follows up & lashes back and does a 180 into "Fuck the city up" with Filthy spitter Mula Kkhan who tag team the Darius instrumental to put their competition in their place. Despite Dose's vision this is not the type of business that allows you to take many shortcuts. The money comes slow tho the grind does not. Or rather, CAN NOT. "Play Money" & "Girl next door" play into that & brings Dose Dose & Swan Laak together for a beautiful showcase of what these 2 can do and the range they have not only independently but as collaborators.   
That same gift however becomes a curse. Tho we love to see the cities artists collaborate there in lies where we feel is ; maybe not the weakness in the project but more so the point that takes away from Dose Dose' 1st impression. We'll elaborate; by the time we get to the the title track "Birth" Where we get our 1st full on example of Dose really going full throttle on the bars (See "317 Freestyle) It seems the record is serving as more of a closer (theres 2 bonus tracks) for the project which would of worked if we hadn't just spent the majority of the past 7 minutes absorbing Swan Laak's offering alongside Dose's. Again...not a weakness; however, Dose is surely trying to leave a lasting impression on listeners through a 5 track ep. It becomes Much harder to do that when Half the Ep is consumed by features.

We would have loved to see Dangerous in the main frame of the project as well as his Self-titled "DOSE" record & "Time". Those 2 almost seem vital to Dose delivering a full scope of who he is and where he is at right now, not to mention they would have played perfectly alongside Stress & Dangerous on the main frame of the tracklisting. (LISTEN BELOW) 

Overall the Ep show cases a new artists with some very impressive levels of potential. Showcasing the ability to carry melodies and various tones in which he can deliver his message in a potent and vivid manner. One can only be excited to see whats next for the Indianapolis new comer. After all...Birth is just the beginning. 

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