Monday, July 17, 2017

NAPC Photo recap: Phora LIVE at the Emerson

Indianapolis is a weird market, for lack of using the word difficult. Add to that a broken down tour bus & a 90 minutes late start & you would think Phora would have arrived to irate crowd or even worse a empty venue. Phora however, on a Monday evening no less seemed to have no issue bringing out a solid and seemingly passionate crowd of fans to come and sing along to just about every word. Let me put this in perspective...there was a 4 year old in the crowd. 

Phora, who seemed calm , cool and efficient on stage showed great crowd control as well as a very good connection with his crowd; almost as if it diodnt matter what song he performed next, they were in. 100%. 

Whether you've heard of Phora or not just know theres a big following growing for the California Native and theres no telling how far the young artists could go.  All we know is on our 1st look at the singer/rapper he is here to stay. 

 Check out the rest of the Snaps courtesy of @SNAPSINC of Phora Live at the Emerson after the break!

Photography by Snaps Inc.

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