Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fazle - VII Hvil Sinner (2017)

Fazle is not your typical artist. Some would say or call it experimental. To him tho...its just a way to channel his energy in the best way he knows how. VII Hvil Sinner seems to find him really manifesting his sound from "Cocaine & Doll houses" into something bigger, more sinister, and also, more balanced. records like "Glxtch" really show his range on the flip side while staying true to the ora of the project while cuts like Funk Shue , Crowd Control & Ghxst take the sound he's most known for to the next level. if you've never seen Fazle performing live you couldn't possible understand the energy his music has. You should follow him and make sure you show up to his next one....and don't wear no fancy shit unless you're willing to trash it. A ton of features from Mula Kkhan , Dose, Christian Taelor to Naptown heavy hitter FLACO on teh closer Liquid Courage.

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